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About Us

CN Water is the leading provider of life cycle solutions and world-class technology for High Purity Water Systems across the Indian Pharmaceutical and Life sciences industry.

We deliver clean utility packages for generation, storage and distribution of potable water, purified water, water for injection and pure steam. We provide systems for producing all grades of water using a comprehensive spectrum of technologies. Our systems consistently meet global standards of FDA, cGMP, cGAMP, cUSP and cPh Eur to help our customers comply with all international regulatory requirements. 

Moreover, we provide comprehensive expertise, services and support right from conceptualisation to Engineering, validation, installation, commissioning, spares, maintenance, operational and calibration contracts. Our end-to-end approach spans the entire life cycle of high purity water systems and helps in reducing the carbon footprint and TCO for our customers.

30+ Years

In water distribution & purification systems

1st Company

To introduce Spiral Technology of RO + EDI to Indian Pharma Industry

300+ Installations

Successfully completed and handed over nationwide

Our Strengths

Strong Expertise in High Purity Water: With over two decades of experience, we are an industry leader with strong technical expertise and a deep understanding of local water conditions.

World-Class Technology: As a partner to BWT, Europe's leading water technology enterprise, we bring global technologies, products and project execution standards to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

Life Cycle Support: We support installations throughout the lifecycle, helping minimize regulatory risks, avoid downtime and make a positive impact on business performance.

BWT: Our Worldwide Partner

CN Water has emerged from a strong global partnership between Christ Water Technology AG (Now BWT Group) and Nishotech Systems, a pioneer in water treatment technologies and systems in India. BWT's two decades of experience in pharmaceutical water treatment helps us bring global technologies, products and project execution standards to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

At CN Water, we deliver critical utility solutions through integration of BWT products along with asset life cycle support, fulfilling customers needs and expectations. We believe in partnering with our customers, thus increasing the life cycle value realized by them. Our strong team of 200+ employees help us deliver these solutions to our customers.