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System Design & Planning

Core Techonologies

For more than 15 years, CN Water has been a strategic partner with BWT Pharma & Biotech, one of the world’s leading providers of water technology. Our association with BWT enables us to leverage the most cutting-edge processes and technology innovations in clean utilities. The core technologies that we offer customers are:

  • Filtration
  • Membrane Technology (Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration, Reverse Osmosis)
  • Ion Exchange processes
  • SEPTRON® Electro deionization (EDI)
  • STERITRON Ozone Generation 
  • BEWADES UV-technology
  • Disinfection
  • Conventional Filtration (Multimedia, Activated Carbon, Cartridges, Bags, etc.)
  • Air based and Electrolytic Ozone-Bewazon
  • Multistill, Multitron, Combitron & PSG

BWT provides a range of reverse osmosis (RO) and SEPTRON® EDI technology to continuously and reliably produce purified water that complies with current specifications without harming the environment.


BWT is the only European manufacturer of EDI modules. In the early 1990s, the SEPTRON® electrodeionisation module paved the way for environmentally friendlier water treatment. Today SEPTRON® is the core component of many modern water treatment systems.


The BWT-designed and patented EDI module was specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry and is used for the demineralization of water with a low ion content (permeate). It works according to the principle of combining ion exchange and electrodialysis. Electrical current is used instead of chemicals. In combination with upstream reverse osmosis (RO), the SEPTRON® EDI module increases purity and safety during the production of highly purified water.

SEPTRON® highlights are:
  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • Seal-free, spiral-wound technology
  • 100% factory tested and certified
  • Various individual size modules from 150l/h up to 4,000l/h for optimal system configuration


With SEPTRON® BioSafe, BWT Pharma & Biotech offers the world’s first EDI module with integrated ultrafiltration membrane stage. It is based on the tried and tested SEPTRON® module and has been enhanced to include an ultrafiltration membrane unit for particle and germ removal and pyrogen reduction

Pharmaceutical grade highly purified water (HPW) can be generated with SEPTRON® BioSafe in combination with upstream reverse osmosis (RO).

SEPTRON® BioSafe highlights are:
  • Highest pure water quality
  • Low investment, low costs of operation and energy
  • Compact space saving skid design

STERITRON (Continuous Ozonisation at Cold Storage)

STERITRON is a compact electrolytic ozone generator for generating ozone directly from PW/HPW without the need for chemicals. STERITRON ensures highly efficient, cost-effective, automated and continuous sanitization of the storage and distribution system.

Part of the highly purified water is taken from the flow line via a bypass line and fed into the return line of the loop. The water passes through the STERITRON ozone generator cell, where dissolved ozone is added. This process guarantees complete protection of the PW/HPW storage system. A BEWADES UV system at the beginning of the loop breaks down the ozone to an undetectable level < 5 ppb.

STERITRON highlights are:
  • No risk of contamination because the ozone is generated directly from PW/HPW and dissolves in water.
  • Extremely effective reduction of the number of germs, TOC and endotoxins are removed even at low ozone concentrations. 
  • Continuous operation without the need for additional, periodic disinfection with chemicals and steam. 
  • The tank and the loop do not have to be separate.
  • Simple installation and commissioning; little maintenance required and very low operating costs. 

BEWADES P (UV destruction of residual ozone)

The BEWADES UV unit in pharmaceutical design ("P") is used for disinfection and elimination of residual ozone in ultra-pure water circuits.

The UV systems in pharmaceutical design are especially designed for this field of use; in particular, all components that come into contact with media are in steel quality 1.4404 (corresponding to 316 L) and electro polished (surface finish < 0.5 μm).

BEWADES P highlights are:
  • Efficient disinfection of pure water and ultra-pure water.
  • Easiest solution for ozone removal in ultra-pure water.
  • High operation reliability.
  • Lowest operating and maintenance costs.
  • No impairment of water quality by UV irradiation.