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Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

The worsening quality of feed water, stringent regulatory requirements and legacy equipment have made water system maintenance a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. These have repeatedly been a key reason for lost production, product recalls and non-compliance. To meet these growing concerns, CN Water has developed a portfolio of Operations & Maintenance services to help our customers efficiently run their water systems.

AMC Services

CN Water’s Technical Services Group (TSG) works closely with customers not only to achieve optimum performance of water systems at the lowest possible running costs, but also to carry out upgrades and process improvements that enable users to maximise the productivity of their generation plants.

Standard AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Our AMCs are designed to provide proactive preventive maintenance and priority trouble shooting to increase the operational life, avoid abrupt breakdowns, reduce downtime and decrease the running cost of the systems. Highlights of our AMC packages are:

  • Preventive Maintenance Visits (Scheduled)
  • On-Demand Visits (Unscheduled)
  • 24 Hour web and phone support
  • Preferential pricing for chemicals, consumables and spares
  • Dedicated inventory management

Plus AMC

Apart from regular preventive maintenance visits, customers who opt for a Plus AMC get two additional visits by senior engineers for a detailed health check of water system. We ensure that the existing water system is trouble free by providing timely recommendation to mitigate future risks and making suggestions for plant improvement.

Premium AMC

Under a Premium AMC, we take complete responsibility for all service activities of the plant, including regular preventive maintenance of service engineer, health checks by senior engineers and OEM support for critical components. We also capture, compile and analyse plant performance data to carry out data driven improvements and maximize plant availability.

Value Added Services

We offer extensive value added services for upkeep and enhancement of water systems - including water plant audits, energy audits, system audits, compliance audits, legacy site upgrades and custom solutions for improving plant performance.

Service Highlights

In addition to our Operation & Maintenance packages, our customers benefit from a number of unique features, such as:

  • Access to the global expertise of BWT, if necessary.
  • Significant investments made by CN Water in service automation and continuous investment.
  • Direct involvement of our specialists in the oversight and management of plants.
  • A highly professional team, with complete transparency and accountability at all levels.
  • Creative cost saving approaches without compromising on quality.
  • Long term approach to quality management, based on conservation and environment friendly solutions.
  • World-class high standards of adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

Service Request Management System

We believe that the success of maintenance engagements is only possible when there is strong co-ordination, accountability and teamwork between both customer and CN service teams. It is this belief that has driven us to develop the Service Request Management (SRM) system as part of our new Customer Connect initiatives. Highlights of SRM are:

  • Centralized management of all Service Requests.
  • Single, consolidated view of all service request status.
  • Built-in tracking, logging and reporting capabilities.
  • Easy prioritization of service requests, based on criticality and timelines.
  • Unmatched transparency and accountability in handling service requests.
  • Automated reporting and escalation mechanisms that are part of the workflow.
  • Minimal human intervention required for tracking and managing requests.