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Our Strengths

Water Expertise

Designing, engineering, building, installing, operating, maintaining and upgrading a high purity water system is very complex and requires significant depth of expertise. With more than 250 experienced water system professionals, CN water has helped many customers handle diverse water system challenges like feed water inconsistencies, microbial contamination, quality control and validations, cost of ownership and regulatory norms.

Knowledge of Local Water Conditions
  • Ability to address challenges around potable water availability
  • Expertise around types and causes of water source contamination
  • Ability to address tropical climate conditions that cause rouge, microfilm, etc.
  • Knowledge of India specific design challenges for portable water generation
Expertise Across Compendial & Non-Compendial Systems
  • Strong knowledge of compendial and non-compendial water purification systems and processes
  • Exceeding minimum requirements for specific types of water in the applicable monographs
  • Design and execution of proactive preventative maintenance programs for pretreatment system
Validation Experience
  • Strong execution experience across multiple water systems for Phase 1 and continuous validation
  • Pre-validated systems to address your total compliance needs
  • Regular monitoring of plant performance and feed water quality with corrective actions
  • Predictive maintenance where necessary

World Class Technology

Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is the world leader in PW, HPW, WFI and pure steam generation. CN Water has been a BWT partner for more than two decades.

With BWT systems and turnkey solutions, you benefit from the world’s leading product lines combining best process engineering, premium components and technologies, highest quality manufacturing and assembly, cGMP compliant documentation and validation, validated automation solutions and comprehensive services for the entire life-cycle. Core technologies provided by BWT are:

  • Filtration
  • Membrane technology (ultra filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis)
  • Ion exchange processes
  • SEPTRON® Electrodeionization (EDI)
  • STERITRON ozone generation 
  • BEWADES UV-technology
  • Disinfection
  • Conventional filtration (multimedia, activated carbon, cartridges, bags, etc.)

Life Cycle Support

While many organizations use water systems that may seem cost effective at first, they often overlook the cumulative costs of running a suboptimal system that is prone to compromised quality and frequent downtime. At CN Water, our dedicated engineering, support and maintenance teams are committed to providing end-to-end support for installations through the entire life cycle of the system, thereby minimizing business losses due to quality and regulatory issues, supply chain downtime and adverse impact on reputation.

World Class Project Execution
  • 250+ employees with installation and maintenance expertise
  • Thousands of man days of cumulative technical expertise
  • Centralized planning, review and monitoring of plant installation under expert technical supervision
Structured Service Management Approach
  • End-to-end automation of Service Management process
  • Complete transparency and accountability across the service cycle, covering diagnosis, resolution, feedback and closure
  • Visibility and role-based access through mobile and web browser based interfaces
Focus on Quality & Compliance
  • Comprehensive and standardized Quality Assurance methodology and quality systems
  • Consistent adherence to quality norms and industry benchmarks
  • Control system automation
  • Lowest-in-class water and energy consumption
Comprehensive Documentation
  • 100% online documentation
  • All reports and documents are ASME compliant
  • 100% traceability across installation