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Process Piping

Process Piping

Piping systems used for high purity water generation are highly sensitive to environmental factors like feed water inconsistencies, weather conditions, oxidation and microbial contamination. These are complex frameworks weaving throughout the water system. A poor design, or a failure, can have catastrophic implications - threatening the safety of employees and resulting in expensive repairs that can lead to significant plant downtime. 

CN Water has been an expert in process piping for over two decades, and has a deep understanding of challenges around their installation and management. We follow an adaptive methodology to design and set up process piping, that addresses key system requirements such as:

  • Installation of prefabricated piping, modules and skids.
  • Changing pressure and temperature requirements at different points of the water system.
  • Necessary protection against weather conditions and other environmental factors such as rust, heat or humidity.
  • Optimal precautions against microbial contamination that leads to microfilm.
  • Structural requirements such as multi-angle bevelling, skid mounting and packing.
  • Piping material, diameter and thickness adjustments depending on required volume and pressure.
  • Regular inspection and testing of piping systems to identify potential issues and address these proactively.

We have successfully implemented turnkey process piping systems for many leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide, in accordance with  standards. We also have strong expertise in orbital welding, hand welding and pipe bending, in accordance with industry best practices.