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System Design & Planning

System Design & Planning

The performance and reliability of high purity water systems depend greatly on the robustness of design, adherence to regulatory requirements and the ability of the water system to adapt to local source-water conditions. The lack of adequate focus on system design has often been a reason for lost production, product recalls and regulatory non-compliance. In addition, designing, installing, commissioning and maintenance of high purity water systems is a complex and resource intensive task. Proper planning plays a critical role in ensuring reduced capital investment, as well as lower operational costs.

CN Water follows global best practices in high purity water system design based on cGMP and ISPE norms. We have a highly qualified team of design professionals who have rich experience in source water management, asset life cycle management, process optimization and best-in-class technology.

Components of System Design & Planning are:

  • Source water analysis
  • Environment & space feasibility
  • Technical feasibility
  • Conceptual layout and equipment specifications
  • Risk analysis
  • Time and cost estimates

Whether it is a new site installation or remediation of current facilities, we provide conceptual as well as detailed plant engineering designs and support you all throughout the implementation. Our design and planning services focus on various key factors such as cGMP requirements, quality of water sources, optimal utilization, physical location of the water system, process piping needs, costs and time estimates.

Our structured approach to system design and planning helps our clients avoid cost and time overruns, and build sustainable solutions to accelerate commissioning and qualification.